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3D Basecamp kicked off with this Welcome
Published May 5, 2014

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Refining SketchUp Interiors (Part 2), Diane Dieterich

Interior Projects rarely include a budget to model all furniture, fixtures, and other architectural elements from scratch. Learn how to alter components from the 3D Warehouse to quickly approximate your real-world pieces.

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3D Basecamp 2014: Teaching Ancient History with SketchUp, Matthew Nichols

Another nice Basecamp 2014 video: 5 years working on the same model of ancient Rome :

Dr Matthew Nicholls is an ancient historian at the University of Reading, England. He has used SketchUp (and Cinema 4D) to build an enormous digital model of ancient Rome, which he uses for teaching and has licensed for broadcast and print publication. He now teaches a class called 'Digital Silchester' whose students use SketchUp to make models of a nearby Romano-British town&emdash;something highly unusual within a UK humanities degree, and recognized by national education awards. This talk introduces both projects, and shows how digital modeling is enhancing teaching and learning about the ancient world.


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